Monday, December 05, 2005

2 fonk-ass grooves...

...both by the original underground hip-hop gangstress and incredibly tight bassist Me'Shell Ndegéocello:

Who Is He And What Is He To You (6.6 MB MP3)
from her 1996 album Peace Beyond Passion ( |

Shoot'n Up and Gett'n High (6 MB MP3)
from her 1993 album Plantation Lullabies ( |

Haven't heard any of her more recent albums. The sample that plays on her website sounds like a heavy-handed mix of dub and trip-hop. Lotta low end, of course, with her being a bassist and all. With her playing the most important instrument in the band, and all that. Whatever -- it's all about the groove for me.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Danger Doom!

This album is fucking HOT. I just picked it up less than two hours ago, and I can say that this is one of the best Hip Hop albums of 2005. Scratch. One of the best albums of 2005.

Each song is layered beautifuly, they all bump. There isn't a track that won't have you at least moving your head. And of course there's MF Doom throwing down some crazy rhymes, all based around the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim set of cartoons.

I'll let these tracks speak for themselves.

Dangerdoom - Sofa King
Dangerdoom - Benzi Box feat. Cee-Lo

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Medeski, Martin & Wood are a sort of a fusion, well, are a fusion Jazz group. With swampy basslines and futurisitc synths their latest album actually sounds like it could be played at 'the end of the world party'.

The group has been around for quite a while. They've always had an expiremental edge that I would say somtimes pushes them out of the category of Jazz. However there are a few tracks on this LP

MMW - End Of The World Party
MMW - Mami Gato

Friday, October 14, 2005

Who is Capricorn II??

Who is Capricorn 2?! I remember about 2 years ago a group called Capricorn One came out with this insane track done with all of the Emcee's from the Quannum Crew. They had this crazy electro-funk groove going, it was a beautiful mesh of synths and had an unmatched energy to it. I searched everywhere for the group, and the only place I found the song was in some record store in France that had sold out of the single.

Later I found out that Capricorn One was supposedly the two brothers (or were they just friends?) from Morcheeba. Imo Morcheeba was one of the best Trip-Hop groups out there.

Yesterday I picked up the Same Shit Different Day LP by Lyrics Born. It's basically a remix album. There are a lot of the same acapellas thrown over new beats with a few completley new tracks and a lot of rappers (such as KRS-One) featured in the mixes.

This one remix, Stop Complaining was supposedly produced by Morceeba, and the mysterious Capricorn TWO... Hmm, very interesting... Anyway, here is the track!

Lyrics Born - Stop Complaining [Morcheeba/Capricorn II Remix]
Lyrics Born - I Changed My Mind [DJ Spinna Remix]

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bollywood Movie's!

I picked up today's sample a couple of weeks ago down at recordland. I had just found a couple LP's I had wanted and was looking at the very messy, very unorganized 45 section. A room that is about 5x5feet big and 8 or 9 feet tall, wall to wall to wall of 45's. After looking for some 20 minutes I came accross about 10 7" records, all soundtracks to Bollywood movie's in the 60's and 70's! I picked four of them up, all in mint condition for 20 bucks, a good deal if you consider the stupid high price of vinyl these days.

I'm not sure what the title of this song is, I'm not even sure if I got the correct sleeve with the record. None-the-less, this song is sample worthy like crazy, even with the shitty mastering job. The thing sounds like it jumps from -5 to 5dB on a regular basis (the record is in mint condition)

Unknown Bollywood Movie

Friday, September 30, 2005

Madlib Amazing

Today's sample is off Madlib's new LP, it's just a mix of some of the beats that he's done over the years, pretty hot shit for DJ or somthing, and even for a listener, the songs can still cary themselves without words.

On another note I think I'll be getting some new singles/LP's in the mail today:
- Fabolous - Breath 12"
- J-Live - The Best Part 2xLP
- LCD Soundsystem - Def Beat Remixes 2xLP
- Chromeo - Destination Overdrive/Needy Girl 12"
- Gorillaz - Dare Remixes 12"
- Missy Elliot - Loose Body Control Remixes 12"

They should be some good tracks and hopefully add to a good mixtape... Maybe I'll even get one down over the weekend.

Madlib (The Beat Konducta) - Sir Bang (Bounce)

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Dug myself out of the crates...

Hey all, I'm back, it's been well over a month since I last updated. My good friend (not to mention overall artistic genius) EJ brought it to my attention that I had been letting this blog die.

I've picked up quite a few records since my last update and I'll be getting them up here over the next while. Today's treat is off the new Blackalicious album, the track was done with the usual Gift of Gab, Cheif Xcel, but features emcee Vursatyl and Jumbo the Garbage Man from Life Savas (Also under the Quannum label). Suprisingly just before the release of the new LP Blackalicious announced that they had joined under the rap collective Okay Player (known for bringing THE best in East Coast hip hop: Roots, Common, Black Star ect.); this had some worried that Blackalicious would be loosing its West Coast Cali-style in return for some of the more Jazz inspired hip hop that find its home in the East. What I'm trying to say is that although I love the moody production of ?uestlove Blackalicious is Blackalicious and I want them to keep on repping their roots. But Blackalicious kept their's and have brought a hard hitting (from what I've heard) West Coast Quannum-esque album to the table.

Speaking of Okay Player, the Roots have just signed to release their tenth (?) album under Def Jam! Some people feel like they've sold out, but I figure it's about time "The hardest working group in Hip Hop" got some props for their work. This way they'll be able to push this album like never before and maybe even get a few music videos that air during prime time. I'm down for whatever they decide to do as long as they keep it real with what they've been doing all these years.

Blackalicious - Your Move